First Generation Entrepreneurs for Renewable Energy Development and Niche Product / Project implementation

 Mr. Praveen Kumar Kulkarni's Articles Published in the Following Magazines:

 Energetica India Energy Blitz Electrical Mirror OTHERS
March 2013 Issue: Low Cost Solar PV Project Development in Each Indian TalukaJune/July 2012 Issue: India is obviously expensive and can never be low cost country for solar PhotoVoltaic (SPV)July 2013: Large and Sustainable PhotoVoltaic Generators by using the Roof Top of Industry Sheds for Energy Security during Day TimeDec 2012: ORF News Letter Issue 26: Cauvery River Water Dispute :  Possible immediate and Adhoc Solution
May 2013 Issue: Use Viability Gap Funding to develope Rural IndiaAug/Sept 2012 Issue: Stake holding Capitalism to reduce the project cost & ONE full Project Equity to execute Renewable Energy Projects in INDIASept 2013: Reviving the Solar Mission : An Idea to accelerate " ENERGY ACCESS to all by 2020" dream Power Business View: How to Create Large number of Jobs through SMEs with Sustainable Business and Financial Plans to offer Low Cost Infrastructure in Energy Sector
May 2014: Indo China Joint PV Manufacturing Capacity Creation in INDIA will set a New Bench Mark with access to Raw Materials & Low Cost FinanceOct/Nov 2012 Issue: Large and Sustainable PhotoVoltaic Generators by using the Roof Top of Industry Sheds for Energy Security during Day Time Feb 2015: Decentralised Renewable Energy Generation through Small Entrepreneurs will lead to the conversion of all taluka places in to smart citiesApril 2014: ORF New Letter Issue 43: Options for Increasing Viability of Investments in Solar Energy
June 2014: Capital Subsidy and Accelerated Depreciation is a Revenue Loss to the GovernmentJan2013 Issue: Niche 25 to 50 MW Multipurpose Solar PV (low Tariff) power project developments at every taluka with good solar irradiation States of India for Energy Security and Food Security March 2015: 10 MW capacity Canal Roof top Solar PV at Vadodara Main Canal 
July 2015: Sustainable Energy Development in North East of India as Life Line for Tribals with Local Job CreationJune 2014: Subsidy Management with Responsibility and Accountability For Solar PV systems and Pumping Solutions  

Innovative & Niche Solar PV Project Development


Agro Power Complex : Presentation at European Business Technology Center, Bangalore


KK NESAR Presentation



Project Investment Advisory

Techno-commercial Investment Advisory for Power Projects

Promoter's CV / Credentials

Renewable Energy Projects:

- New Project identification support service
- Project financing with or without our equity participation
- Solar power related equipment manufacturing
- Sustainable Project development with operation support strategy

Niche Management Function Support Service (External / Internal) :

- Business plan preparation
- New Project / Product Implementation along with new business initiatives
- CAPEX related project / plant expansion vis-a-vis the corporate business plan
- Turnaround Management
- Change Management Strategy and delivery

Manufacturing Support Activities

- Product diversification with existing / add on facilities
- Technology transfer, equipment transfer for upgrades
- Business / Volume scale up support function with both Quality and Quantity analysis vis-a-vis ROE / ROI and the Under recovery mitigation action plans