Main Objectives of the Company:


Ø   To offer Global Engineering and Technology Solutions along with the niche Support for the New Project / Product Implementation as per the Business plan.


Ø   New Project / Product Implementation, Global Sourcing, Manufacture, Assembly, Inspection and Supervision   Services for the purpose of the purchase and sale activity for engineering   and other products, components, raw material and semi finished goods, to   act as buyer, seller, consultant, importer, exporter of the equipment, plant   and machinery related to infrastructure projects viz, Power, Steel, Cement,   Oil Industry and Civil Projects.


Ø   Business plan preparation, Business development and execution of the projects related to   infrastructure such as Power , Steel, Cement, Oil industry and  Civil   projects , as well as to carry the design and development  of engineering   products,    primarily using CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM  software applications for   the Manufacturing and Service industry, globally, including Information   Technology based product training activities with relevant IT Enabled   Services (ITES).

 Investment advisory and Devil Advocate support to the FIs, VCs, Banks or such funding agencies with revalidation of the Techno commercial evaluation aspects of Hydro, Solar Power Project Development based on DPRs submitted by Project Proponents.

  New Business initiatives of the Company:


Ø   To Set up Solar PV module Manufacturing plant in INDIA with world class facilities to deliver the quality products with enhanced guarantee and the state of art technology on a collaborative business approach with the potential Investors / JV Partners to harness the Solar Power.

Ø   After reviewing the plant operation for the first two years, the Wafer to Cell manufacturing plant will be added in 2nd Phase.

 Ø   Business development and execution of the projects related to   Solar PV, CSP with our in house capabilities.

Ø        Export of the Panels and Execution of International projects with the core competency backed by R & D and the latest developments in the Solar power generation.


Promoter of the Company : Praveen Kumar Kulkarni, B.E(Mech), MIE

K = Kainkarrya (Service) ;  K = Kalaga (Victory)  : NESAR = Nisarga due to Sun / Solar Galaxy



  KK NESAR Projects Private Ltd

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